Lucid II

HPM Original

  • Engraved Signature Hand Painted Multiples - Edition of 5
  • 12 x 24 Inches Sublimation on Aluminum
  • $450.00

Engraved Signature, Hand Painted Copper emblishments - Edition of 5 12 x 24 Inches Sublimation on Aluminum plates.



  • Limited Edition of 2000
  • 9.25 x 6.25 Inches Hardcover Book
  • 121 Pages - Black & White UV-Coated Fine Art Paper
  • $25.00

With 121 pages of vivid black and white photography, Obscure takes an in depth look at the architecture, skylines and otherwise inaccessible views of Los Angeles through the eyes of one of the city’s most seasoned street practitioners.

“If I had to choose one artist to epitomize the heart and soul of the City of Los Angeles it would be Zes. His work thrives on the pulse and energy of this spread out landscape,” Saber MSK/AWR writes in the book’s foreword. “His photography is his unique perspective, usually perched many perched many stories above looking down with a birdseye view of the city that many will never see. Zes' photographs are superhuman snapshots.”